The complex water management development of the area of the Baja-Bezdan Canal – BABECA

Source of funding

Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia 2014-2020

Project partners

  1. Lower Danube Valley Water Directorate, Hungary
  2. PWMC “Vode Vojvodine, Serbia 
  3. European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia  

Area of intervention

Improving the cross-border water management and risk prevention systems

Project start

29. Sep 2017 – 28. Sep 2020

Project description

Main objectives:

(1) To decrease flood and potential flood hazard of the targeted territory by restoring the structures of the hydro-system of the Baja-Bezdan Canal area and by restoring the water runoff capacity of the Canal;

(2) To improve the necessary conditions for other business activities as tourism or shipyard, as well as the cross-border water management and risk prevention system.

Specific objectives:

1) To implement the planned project interventions and perform continuous maintenance activities of project results;

(2) To dredge, construct driftwood removal platforms and boat ramps, rehabilitate and maintain the Bezdan and Sebesfok Locks;

(3) To eliminate bottlenecks in the Canal and the most problematic proliferation points, improve and prevent negative effects on quality of water bodies.


Expected results:

1. Dredged canal in the length of 5,600 m;  
2. Built driftwood removal platforms and boat ramps;
3. Refurbished and rehabilitated Bezdan and Sebesfok locks;
4. Supplied equipment for maintenance;
5. Drafted study on development possibilities of the target area;
6. Prevention from and reduction of flood risks;
7. Enhanced movement of people and goods between Hungary and Serbia, as well as Serbia and other countries given that the Bezdan Lock is the first lock on the Danube in Serbia; 
8. Еnhanced movement of people between the settlements in Serbia and Hungary;
9. Improved quality of life of local population;
10. Positive impact on the restart of the production at Bezdan shipyard made;
11. Improved conditions for better cross-border cooperation and transport in the future;
12. Improved ecological and chemical status of the canal;
13. Established conditions for the commencement of business activities pertaining to tourism development. 

Main activities:

(1)  Building of driftwood removal platforms at 3 localities in Hungary;

(2) Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Bezdan and Sebesfok Locks;

(3) Dredging of 5600 m section of the Baja-Bezdan Canal in Hungary;

(4) Procurement of special equipment for maintenance in Hungary and Serbia;

(5) Development of studies and plans;

(6) Project management and information and publicity related activities. 

Target groups:

Inhabitants of the settlements where the Canal flows through, visitors travelling into the area with different purposes, e.g. touristic or recreation activities, stakeholders having economic relations in the targeted area, employees of the water management responsible organisations.

Further information

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