• 11
  • Feb
  • 2019.

Оn EU programмеs at the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops

  • Novi Sad

The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Mina Radmilović Pjevac, Jelena Tošković and Teodora Milkov Manić have held a three-day training course "EU Funding Opportunities” for employees at the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad. The Institute already has experience in project development and implementation under the EU programmes and cross-border cooperation programmes. Namely it is a project partner on the joint AGRINNO project with the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, which is being implemented under the Interreg IPA CBC HUSRB.

The Institute has recognized the importance of providing EU grants through project development and it wants to train as many of its employees as possible though training courses to be able to apply under the appropriate programmes.

On the first day, the presentation involved the EU programmes and Interreg IPA CBC Programmes, as well as the logical framework approach. Because of a large number of trainees, they were divided into three groups and they started doing exercises on the first day. Each group presented their results. On the second day, the significant document, i.e. the logical matrix was presented. The filling-in of this document requires a longer period of time, but the participants of our trainings do it on the second day. The third and the last day of the training course, the participants learn about the budgeting of EU projects. This is also the most interesting topic for most of the trainees. After the done exercises, three project ideas were drafted which the representatives of the Institute could submit as applications under the Interreg IPA CBC Croatia-Serbia.


31.08.2019 - 09:17

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