• 03. Jul 2017
  • 02. Jul 2019

European Network for the Cohesion and Solidarity in Rural areas (ENSURE)

Overall objective: To understand Euroscepticism, and then to build European approach by making use of available EU democracy tools, as well as by providing...

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  • 05. Oct 2016
  • 05. Jan 2018

Ever-moving border emergency response (EMBER)

Overall objective: Enhancement of regional level cooperation through joint systems and approaches in response to flooding in the Sava river basin in...

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  • 01. Jan 2016
  • 30. Jun 2017

Disaster Reduction, Standardized Analysis and Risk Evaluation (DR SHARE)

Overall objective: Risk management in order to reduce the consequences, intensity and frequency of natural disasters and major accidents and protect the population, the environment...

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  • 01. Feb 2013
  • 31. Jul 2014

Environmentally friendly water management in plain areas (eWAM)

Overall objective: To improve cooperation and monitoring in water management in AP Vojvodina and Csongrád County. Specific objectives: (1)    To improve...

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  • 01. May 2012
  • 31. May 2013

Strengthening of the institutional infrastructure in Bačka for balanced regional development and use of IPA Component 3 for Regional Development

Overall objective: To establish institutional coordination to provide professional support for local self-governments in Bаčka with the aim of enhancing regional development. Specific objectives:...

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