European Network for the Cohesion and Solidarity in Rural areas (ENSURE)

Source of funding

Europe for Citizens

Project partners

  1. RIC Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia  
  2. Municipality Trudovets, Bulgaria
  3. LAG „Central Istria“, Croatia
  4. Hranicka Rozvojova Agentura, Czech Republic
  5. University of Thessaly, Greece
  6. Kistarcsa Cultural Association, Hungary
  7. Associazione Alessandro Bartola, Italy
  8. Ligatne Municipality, Latvia
  9. Municipalitie Kolasin, Montenegro
  10. Municipality of Lask, Poland
  11. Albia County Council, Romania
  12. European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia
  13. Futuro Digitale, Italy
  14. Federación de Municipios de Madrid, Spain

Area of intervention

Socio-economic Development

Project start

03. Jul 2017 – 02. Jul 2019

Project description

Overall objective:
To understand Euroscepticism, and then to build European approach by making use of available EU democracy tools, as well as by providing new engaging instruments for citizens  

Specific objectives:
(1) To give citizens and policy makers from 13 countries the opportunities to meet with each other in order to design, implement and disseminate political activities that touch the essence of the EU – its unifying values

(2) To empower citizens with the tools necessary to share their standpoints, cooperate, volunteer, and get involved in shaping a more closer and intercultural Europe

(3) To support policy makers and community leaders in dealing with Euroscepticism

Expected results:
(1) Main impact: increase of the relevance of local and European policy makers as actors addressing needs of rural citizens in the context of EU policies, EU citizenship and democracy tools

(2) Long-term outcome: a lasting partnership as a NGO - 'ENSuRe Network'

Main activities:
(1) Six transnational project events in 5 EU countries

(2) Follow-up local Actions for Solidarity  

(3) Dissemination activities: publications, Webinar, YouTube videos, website, activities in social media  

Target groups:
- citizens from rural areas

- public officers

- policy makers

- CSO activists

- experts taking part in the transnational events

Further information

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