EXploitation of Different Energy sources for GREen Energy production (XDEGREE)

Source of funding

Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia - Serbia 2014-2020

Project partners

  1. University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  2. Public Utility Company “Vodokanal” Sombor, Serbia
  3. European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia
  4. Vinkovci Water Supply and Sewerage Ltd., Croatia
  5. Agricultural Institute Osijek, Croatia

Area of intervention

Environmental Protection, sustainable energy, energy efficiency

Project start

15. Jul 2017 – 14. Jan 2020

Project description

Overall objective:

To promote and improve the use of various forms of renewable energy sources in the cross-border area


Specific objectives:

(1) To raise the energy independence of public utility companies using renewable energy sources

(2) To improve the use of biomass in the biogas production plants

(3) To raise public awareness about the energy potential in renewable energy sources in the cross-border regions


Expected results:

(1) The construction of 380kW solar power and cogeneration plant with 200kW electric and 230kW heat power, powered by biogas produced from waste water, directly affects the indicator of program results by increasing the total installed power generating capacity using renewable energy sources and by reduction of direct energy requirements from classical sources.

(2) Increasing the production capacity of biogas plant from 1700 m3/day to 3000 m3/day increases the total quantity of produced "green energy" which will be used for UC’s own consumption, and with perspective for using in public heating system and hot water distribution service which directly lowers participation of classical energy sources in the consumption of public facilities.

(3) Working out of technical documentation for the construction of biogas and cogeneration plant in the VWSS and solar power plant in VS set up preconditions for physical realization of these facilities, which will have a lasting effect after the ending of this project. This means that this project is only part of a long development process towards maximal energy efficiency and complete energy independence of partners.

(4) Establishing of mobile laboratory directly affects the indicator of programme results because the optimization of biogas production opens the possibility for large-scale use for various purposes. Also, it allows all stakeholders to develop recipes for its biogas plant, optimize its operation, and maximize their production of biogas.


Main activities:

(1) Preparation 

(2)  Management

(3)  Implementation

(4)  Investment

(5) Communication


Target groups:

Infrastructure and (public) service provider; higher education and research; sectoral agency; interest groups including NGOs; education/training centre and school; enterprise, excluding SME, local public authority, general public

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